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US Long Distance Cheapest Phone Call Rate Calculator
First 6 Digits of Your US Phone Number: (EX: 310-812-5678 = 310812 )
Interstate Minutes Per Month: minutes
In-State Minutes Per Month: minutes

International Best Rate Calculator
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Call Duration: minutes
Type of Call: - Direct Dial
- Calling Card
- International Callback
- Voice Over IP (VOIP)

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Cheap Long Distance, Direct Dial 1+ Phone (requires you to switch carriers) Top

1. CogniWorld: 3.49/minute. No Minimums, No Monthly Fees with ebilled autopay. 6-second billing.
No contracts, Online invoice, Superior Customer Service, France 5.9, Germany 6.3, Hong Kong (HK) 4.8, Isreal 6.9,
Italy 5.5, Japan 6.8, Kuwait 22.8, Maylasia 6.8, Singapore 4.8, Spain 5, United Kingdom 5.5. Click Here for CogniWorld billing example.

2. PowerNet Global 4.5/minute 48 states long distance. $2.5 fee waived if usage > $15/month.
No PICC fee for residential lines and 1st business line. Credit card or Direct billing. Cheapest long distance
Click Here to see an example invoice for PNG's exceptionally low billing rates.

3. CogniPhone: 3.89/minute. No Minimums, No Monthly Fees with autopay ebilling credit card.
4. OPEX cheapest long distance 4.5/min flat rate 48 states, No PICC fee on Residential lines.
100 Free interstate long distance minutes after 6 mo. $2/monthly fee waived if residential billing > $20 or if business billing > $50
No PICC on 1st commercial phone line. Save 8% by prepaying. Direct billed or autopay for business or residential accounts.
Low intrastate rates. Lowest International telephone rates: Australia 6, Argentina 9, Canada 6, China 8.9, Germany 8,
Hong Kong 5, India 35, Israel 7, Japan 7, Malaysia 8, Romania 19, Singapore 5, Taiwan 6, Turkey 25, UK 6.

5. Unitel 3.9/minute 48 states long distance. Direct Billing. No fee if $15 minimum usage.
No PICC Fee for residential lines. Direct billed via U.S. mail. Low International & Intrastate rates.
If usage is less than $15, then a $2 billing fee is added; No billing if no usage.

6. Covista Communications: 3.9/minute. $1.99/mo. fee waived if bill > $20 or if autopay.
Low international phone long distance rates: Australia 13, Canada 8, China 22, France 9, Germany 9,
Hong Kong 9, South Korea 12, Japan 13, Mexico 22, Philippines 24 Singapore 12, Taiwan 16, UK 8.

7. CogniState: 3.45/minute. No monthly fee if no paper autopay or if billing is greater $20. 6-second billing.
Online billing, Cheap Intrastate rates: Alabama 4.75, California 3.6, Florida 7.5, Georgia 5.3, New York 7.65, Washington 5.9.
8. SmartPrice compares long distance services. As low as 3.5/minute with no monthly fees
Shop from ECG, Pioneer Telephone, Big Red Wire. Pay with check or credid card.
9. State to State rates as low as 3.5/minute unlimited long distance!
Compare service from Zone LD, American Fone, Primus, Acceris, Qwest, AT&T, MCI, Sprint, Verizon
10. TTI National 5.9/minute 48 states long distance. $25 minimum phone billing.
No PICC fees for Residential lines. Direct or credit card billing. Billing is 6 second increment, 18 sec min, 30 sec min for international.
Best long distance carrier for calling Alaska, Hawaii, PR (Puerto Rico), USVI (US Virgin Islands) 5.9/minute
Australia 13, Brazil 25, Canada 7, France 13, Ireland 13, Japan 13, HK 13, Mexico 15 to 25,
Pakistan 69, Singapore 19, Taiwan 15, United Kingdom 7, Venezuela 29, Vietnam 95
Uses the Worldcom network to provide BEST TELEPHONE RATEs intrastate: California 5, New York 8, Texas 9.5

11. Talk America 3.9/minute 48 states. $5 minimum monthly billing. Local phone service available.
If local service is also ordered, then free 1000 minutes member to member long distance.
Online billing. For Residential Customers only.

12. Simplicity 4.5/minute 48 states long-distance. No monthly fee, No Minimums.
PICC fee for mult-line business accounts only. Invoice or credit card billing. Billing is 6 second increment, 18 sec mininimum.
Refer 3 friends and receive an automatic 1 rate reduction on all state-to-state long distance calls (3.5), and earn 1% credit from their phone bills

13. IDT 5 a Minute state to state calling longdistance $3.95/monthly fee.
14. ZeroCents: $29.99 Unlimited long distance calling plan. State-to-state, in-state calling.
No switching, Instant activation. No setup fee.
15. The Neighborhood build by MCI: Unlimited local and Unlimited long distance telephone service
16. Z-Tel: Flat rate, Unlimited Local & Long Distance only $49.99 per month. Unlimited in-state.
Only $49.99 per month! Or Unlimited Local $29.99

Dial-around Long Distance Service (no switching), Dial-Thru, DialThru, 1010, 10-10 Top

17. AccuDial Dialaround (ANI recognition) & Callingcard 5.9 48 states, postpay billing.
$1 monthly. UK 6.6, China 8.4, Germany 7., Mexico City 8.5, Rio 8, Moscow 7.4, Italy 7.2 France 6.2
18.CogniDial DialAround: 6.9 US (48 states), Post-Paid, billed via credit card. No monthly fee.
No Fees, No Switching, No Gimmicks, cheap intrastate/interstate rate US 6.9 48 states.
Best dial-around for states with high intrastate fees. Best long distance for college students..
Cognidial Best Long Distance service is also available to residents in Canada, just add 4.4 to the cheap rates.
Cheap phone rates: Albania 27.6, Australia 9.6, Bangkok 21.9, Bosnia 31.2, Iraq 85.7, Brazil 16.5,
Canada 8.3, China 36.9, Denmark 9.9, France 8.5, Germany 9, Hong Kong 8.7, Honduras 55.4,
Hungary 15.7, Indonesia 13.9, Italy 10.9, Japan 11.5, Madrid 6.3, Malaysia 9.4, Mexico Band1 25.1,
Moldova 38.6, Russia 26, Romania 25, Singapore 6.5, Taiwan 11.9, Thailand 21.9, Ukraine 29.4,
United Kingdom 6.8, US 6.9 (interstate & intrastate), Yugoslavia 33
19.PowerDial Dial-Around Service: 6.9 US (48 states). $2.50 monthly fee waived if usage > than $15
20. KallCent$ Low International dial-around long distance. Domestic 48 state 5.9/min. No fees.
Washington state residents may qualify for 4.9/minute or for unlimited long distance calling.
Best Rates (no fees): Australia 16, Canada 10, Denmark 17, Fr 21, Germany 16, HK 28, Italy 25,
Japan 25, Maylasia 34, Singapore 34, UK 11, US 5.9

Cheap Intrastate rates. Above rates are for credit card billing
21.Global Direct pre-paid dial-around service for home, cell phone, designated phones. No fees.
No surcharge (except payphone fee). International cheap call rates: China 28, Romania 41, Singapore 18, Turkey 29,

Cheap Calling Card, low-priced Phone Card, phonecard calling cardTop

22.Nobelcom international cheap fonecards China 4, Germany 3.7, India 15.9,
Mexico 6.9, Singapore 2.9, US 1.9, UK 2.9, Vietnam 32.9

23.PhoneShark online e-mailed instant PIN 2.4 or $39.99 30 days unlimited calling card
24. AccuDial Dialaround (ANI recognition) & Callingcard 5.9 48 states, postpay billing.
$1 monthly. UK 6.6, China 8.4, Germany 7., Mexico City 8.5, Rio 8, Moscow 7.4, Italy 7.2 France 6.2
25. Enjoy Prepaid calling card. 3.3 US (48 states) with no monthly fees. Rechargeable, no expiration date.
26.Zap-Tel. Instant online callingcard from MCI, ZapTel, AT&T, IDT. Find foncards in 60 countries.
Worldwide calling, Sample USA rates: US 4 (48 states), Brazil 7, Canada 4, China 4, Gemany 5, Phillippines 10 Instant foncard: US 1.5, China 4.4, Bangalore 10, Bombay 11.8, New Delhi 11.8
28. TalkHome cheap calling card: 3.9 USA: 48 states, billed via secure credit card.
Discounted International Calling Card Rates. 49/week calling card monthly fee.
Credit card billing is better than pre-paid calling card.

29. AccuChat Calling cards 6.9 (3.9 in certain cities)US (48 states), billed via credit card.
$1 Activation, $1 monthly fee waived if no usage. Credit card calling card billing is better than pre-paid.
best priced cheap phonecard calling card, 3.9 from the following cities: Alamosa Colorado, Denver,
Austin Texas, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio,
Los Angeles California, and San Diego at the low 3.9 calling card rate

30. Cognigen Select pre-paid phonecards: 10.9 US: 50 states. No per call surcharge.
1 year calling card expiration.
31. Cogni-Talk prepaid calling card: 8.9 US (48 states). Volume Discounts, no surcharge.
6-second billing after the 1st minute. Instant PIN's sent within 1 business day.
International cheap phone card calling card: Australia 10.3, China 28.1, Israel 14.1,
Moscow 11.1, Singapore 14, South Korea 14, Taiwan 12.4

32. LowConnect prepaid cheap phonecard: 5.9 US: 48 states. Prepay with check, credit card
Connection Charge of 49c within US and Canada; $1.25 charge per International call.
A 29 surcharge applies to calls placed from payphones

33.CogniCall global calling card 6.9 US (48 states), postpaid via credit card. Six-second billing.
International calling card for US and overseas. Originate calls from 60+ international countries - not a callback.
Post-Paid lowest price calling card: once your foncard usage reaches $25, your credit card will be billed.
Lowest calling rate to Spain 6.7 Madrid 6.3 Taiwan 11.9 South Africa 18.9 Nigeria 50.9 Greece 18.9

34. AccuLinQ calling card 8.9 US (48 states), billed via credit card. Six-second billing.
$1 monthly fee waived if no calling card usage.
Discounted International calling card rates. Credit card billing is better than pre-paid calling card.
Calling Card Calls from Austin Texas, Dallas, Denver, Alamosa, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston,
Los Angeles California, San Diego, Oklahoma City and Albuquerque New Mexico are 4.9
if local calling card access number used 7.9/minute rate if dialed from registered number (48 states).
cheapest phone card: China 17.9, Indonesia 34.9, Singapore 18.9

35.AccuGlobe best international calling card: 5.9 US: 48 states. International origination.
36. USATel best calling card: 14.9 US: 48 states, Prepaid via secure credit card. No surcharge.
No Minimums. No fees except taxes if any. Discounted International LongDistance Calling Card Rates.
Hong Kong 23, Johannesburg 39.6, Myanmar 85.5, Moscow 24, St. Petersburg 24, Taipei 23

37. TravelTel international calling card: 10 USA: 48 states, No service charges, No minimums.
Rechargeable calling card with state of the art Fiber Optices Connection. Call from 43 countries overseas.
38. Delta Three voice over IP world calling card. No conection fee. Call from 11 countries
Global calling cards, call from United States, Canada, Austria, Finland, France, Germany,
Hong Kong, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom (England)

Cheap Cellular, Cell Phone, Paging Service, Pager, PCS, wireless phoneTop

39. PhoneShark: Prepaid phone cards, AT&T Free2go $24=80 minutes, Nokia 5165 $99-$50 rebate.
2 way test messaging, Cingular prepaid wireless card, FreeUp/Reup, PhoneTec pre-pay cellular phone cards.
40. PhoneIdea: Choice of 3 free digital cellular phones. Free Off-Peak Minutes. Free Shipping.
Free 3 way conference calling. Free Nights and Weekends. Free Caller ID. Free Call Waiting. Free Voice Mail.
41. Free Cell Phone: Nokia 5165 with text messaging or Ericsson RX300LX with two way messaging.
42. Inphonic - Cellular/PCS/GSM/TDMA service from AT&T Wireless, Cingular, T-Mobile, Verizon, Nextel, Liberty Wireless.
43. MCI Prepaid mobile phone Calling Card. $30, $50, $75, $100 wireless airtime cards
44. PageNet Discount Paging Service. Numeric or Word (e-mail, CNN News, toll free) Pager.

Click Here!

InBound Standalone TollFree US without outbound service Top

45. PNG Stand-alone toll-free 4.5/minute with no monthly fee if usage is above $15.
46.Kall8: Follow Me toll-free service for 6.9/minute. Stand-Alone. Get a Vanity number
Programmable tollfree long distance service follows you if you travel or relocate.
Overseas businesses may now program their number to call them internationally.

Net Conference Call, Teleconference Calls, Conference Calling Top

47. CogniConference: Conference Calling 9.9/minute with no monthly fee, no per call surcharge.
48. Ultra Conference calling 9.8/minute/leg for USA 48 states or Flat Rate.
No Monthly fee, No signup charges. International dial in.
Free Call Recordings, Stop Code, View all Participants Online.

Satellite TV Service Top

49. Dish Network Satellite TV network. More movies, More channels. Better reception.
50. GET FREE SATELLITE TV: DISH Network programming: $22.99 for Top 50 channels.

Voice over IP Telephone Service (Only recommended for high speed internet)Top

51. Voice over IP Long Distance Hardware Enhancements for desktop & laptops.
PhoneJack for full duplex echo cancellation, InternetLineJack for high end users,
Internet PhoneCard for laptops.

52. Delta Three: Unlimited flat rate calling within the US for $9.95 using voice over IP technology.
53. Make low cost calls with Net2Phone! Use your computer to lower your long distance.
Now with improved technology Net2Phone is proud to offer the best internet telephone.

Cheap Internet Access, Dial-up ISP, Internet Service Provider, Hosting, 56.6, DSL, T1, ISDN, High-Speed AccessTop

54. Speakeasy Broadband Internet, Rated #1 by DSL Reports in customer satisfaction. 24/7 support.
$49.95/month to $750/month. Residential, Business SDSL IDSL ADSL T1 SLA powered by Internap.
55. CogniFast Internet ISP $9.95/mo USA Canada 56.6K unlimited access via 10,000 local numbers
Cognifast cheap internet access with anti-spam, anti-virus Internet Service provider e-mail/webmail. Cheapest ISP, reliable.
Add the AccelMango Web Accelerator, and surf at up to 5 times your normal speed.
Experience DSL like speeds at the fraction of the cost. Multi-lingual toll-free customer support.

56. Phreego Express Internet $9.95 PhreegoExpress is accelerated to up to 6 times the speed of normal dialup!
Includes Spam/Virus Protection, Web Accelerator, Pop-Up Blocker, Usenet, Firewall.
57. Why spend $23.90/month on AOL? Get NetZero Platinum's fast, reliable internet access for only 9.95/month.
58. Z Net Calling $10/month internet service provider. No forced advertising, no ads!
59. CogniSurf cheapest Internet Service Provider $12.45/mo US Canada 56.6K No limit access.
ISDN available in selected areas. No ISP setup fees. 24/7 Customer/Technical support.
60. Verizon Online DSLVerizon DSL $29.95 for the first 3 months, $34.95 thereafter.
61. BlastSurf: Blast onto the internet at up to 50 times faster than dial-up! DSL and Satellite DSL
62. GetConnected search DSL from Earthlink, SBC, DirecTV DSL, Satellite
63. Shop top DSL providers - Qwest DSL, DIRECTV DSL, Covad DSL EarthLink DSL and more!
64. T1/Dedicated long distance carriers - quotes from over 10 carriers. 1.8/min to 3.5/min interstate.
T1 Voice, T1 Data, Integrated T1, Frame to Frame Relay, Point to Point. Best service for high volume callers.
65. TTI 150 hours Internet Service and 250 minutes Long Distance all in one package $25/mo.
Internet is 99/hr above 150 hours, interstate long distance charged 10/minute above 250 minutes
66. TTI National dedicated T1 connection 3.5 for $1000 monthly minimum. 1 year minimum term
6 second billing, 18 second minimum (30 for international). 2.9 cents/minute state-to-state if $3000 minimum.
67. Lowest Domain Rates: Get your own domain at just $12.95 per year. Buy a .com, .org, and net.
68. Warp Seed domain registration: 11.95/year. Buy your own domain name at an affordable price.
69. Warp Speed Hosting with Exodus - Yahoo, Lycos, Hotmail outsources to Exodus (EXDS).
70. Extreme Programming: Mirror Hosting $9.95 per month, customize websites for search engines.
71. WebBizBuilder Build a website without learning HTML. Let Web Biz Builder do the work.

Overseas Callback, International Calling Card Phone Card, Call-back Long DistanceTop

72. Nobelcom international cheap fonecard India 32.9, Singapore 4.9, US 3.9, Vietnam 55
73. Zap-Tel. Instant online callingcard from MCI, ZapTel, AT&T, IDT. Find foncard in 60 countries.
Worldwide calling, Sample USA rates: US 5 (48 states), Canada 4, China 6, Gemany 5, India 28, Phillippines 10
74. Boomerang cheap overseas callback. International call back: Call any country from any country.
Optional followme service. Auto-Route Offers Customized Extension/Room Number Prompting .
Best foreign country callback. Credit card billed. No minimum billing

75. WorldLink global callback. Low cost access to the U.S. phone network. $5 month minimum usage.
Argentina to US 19.2, Australia to US 9, Russia to US 23, Taiwan to US 13, United Kingdom to US 8
76. Debitalk prepaid callback with follow-me re-programmable kallback. Customized room extension.
77. CogniCall global calling card 6.9 US (48 states), postpaid via credit card. Six-second billing.
International calling card for US and overseas. Originate calls from 60+ foreign countries - not a call-back.
78. Enjoy Prepaid international calling card with no monthly fees. Rechargeable, no expiration date.

Overseas Web-based Service Top

79. Delta Three voice over IP calling card. No conection fee. Call from 11 countries
Global fone calling cards, call from United States, Canada, Austria, Finland, France, Germany,
Hong Kong, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom (England)

80. Net2Phone: Use PC to Phone technology. Low cost calls anywhere in the world!

Canada Long Distance Service, Best Canadian Calling Card, Phonecard, Fonecard Top

81. Click Here for Canada Telecommunications Services. Tabular comparison of Canada and US rates.

Other ProductsTop

82. Click Here for more outstanding ways to save on long distance & calling card. Please bookmark.
Questions or problems? Click here to contact your agent.

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